Welcome of first-year students

„Dear first-year students, dear Owls! We warmly welcome you, our new fellow students! We are pleased that you took the first step on the long and rough road to become adults with a degree. In contrast to the news, the years to come at the university may bring not only grey hair and wrinkles. If you are smart enough those coming years could bring one of the most wonderful periods of your life since life-long friendships, many adventures and always sparkling student life is awaiting you in Debrecen. It is only up to you how the years in front of you will be spent and what memories will accompany you when you step out of the homely walls of the university eventually. However, while you are inside you can always rely on the support of the community of the university and the Student’s Union! Go for it, First-graders!
With love: the Student’s Union of the DRTU”