Student Research - TDK

Student research (TDK) activity is an integral part of education. Every regular scientific research or artistic activity – that points beyond the professional requirements of the training prescribed in the curriculum – performed alone by students but with professional supervision in organized student research framework can be regarded as scientific student research. The aim of student research is to mentor special talents supporting the development of their talent.
The major event of TDK activity is the National Scientific Student Research Conference held in every other year to which students can qualify via TDK competitions in local institutes. Our university regards the high quality of research presented by its students at such highly respected national competitions a priority. This is proved by the prizes awarded to the students of the university over the years. As an institute maintained by the Church we regard the invitation of the Gerhardus Scientific Student Research Conference (GTDK) an honour and generally our students return from the events with success.
The Senate of the university operates a permanent committee to coordinate student research work. The Student Research Society helps the students of the university to realize scientific self-training, to deepen the practice of scientific learning, to join theoretical and practical research, to publish student research results and to apply for scholarships. The university has a separate room (TDK room) for students working on Student Research where they can carry out their research in an appropriate environment.