Senior Academy

The idea of “teaching everyone – to everything – always” appeared already at the time of Comenius, in the 17th century in Hungarian education and found fertile ground in the public educational ambitions of reformation. The general demand for continuous learning/teaching in connection with certain professions already at that time (see the proverb: “live and learn”). In today’s world it is an indispensable requirement for every age group in almost every field of life. Nowadays not only professional knowledge grow out of date within increasingly shorter time, but development demands continuous further training and self-education (new law, new electronic and telecommunication instruments, etc.) in the field of everyday life as well. Our University realised this demand and founded the Senior Academy for those aged above 50 years (with this it has joined the senior training network operating at some places in the country since 2011 as the first Church supported higher educational institute). The aims of the training include the refreshment and extension of the knowledge of the age group in question – partly to support their integration back into the labour market and partly to preserve and develop their mental activity – in the spirit of “learning with fun”. Apart from knowledge associated with the specific life conditions of this generation the Senior Academy presents the newest results of social and natural sciences, medical science, literature, visual arts and religion science in an interesting form easy to understand.
Those who are interested and over 50 years old having secondary qualifications and registered previously for the training programme may take part in the training. The term of the training providing no higher educational qualification is 4 semesters.
Participation in the training is for free, completing the training is certified with a certification in every semester and a honorary diploma at the end of the fourth semester.