Adult Training Centre

The Adult Training Centre of the university offers course trainings, further education for teachers, postgraduate specialist training courses for anyone interested. Further education trainings for professional exam of teachers: four semesters Drama pedagogy training, Museum pedagogy training, Professional exam of teachers with the optional fields of study of preventive and corrective pedagogy psychology or mentor-teacher. Further postgraduate specialist training courses are: four semesters Bible therapy, Development teacher, Roma society knowledge trainings and two semesters Family and child welfare, Event organizer, Leisure sport organizer and Social therapy procedures trainings. The Adult Training Centre is responsible for jubilee diploma requests and admission to the Senior Academy.


Fülekiné Joó Anikó

Head of Adult Training Centre

joo [dot] aniko [at] drhe [dot] hu

Room: FSZ/030

Telephone number: 18560


Harangi Ibolya

Trainings Coordinator

harangi [dot] ibolya [at] drhe [dot] hu

Room: FSZ/030

Telephone number: 18562