Mission Statement

The Debrecen Reformed Theological University – as part of the network of institution of the Debrecen Reformed College operating continuously since 1538 – is an institute of education and research in the service of the Hungarian Reformed Church while maintained by the Tiszántúl Reformed Church District. Its mission is founded on the call of Jesus Christ who calls for service and employs his people. Our University is founded on the Holy Scripture regarding doctrines, considers the denominations, constitution, law and convocation decisions of the Hungarian Reformed Church obligatory for itself. It expects that all of its teachers, employees and students respect the theorems and interests of the Reformed Church as well as a way of life reconcilable with the Christian values. The primary aim of our University is to train reformed ministers and church employees for the Hungarian Reformed Church. A further task is to train such theologians and secular experts for the Hungarian public education and cultural institution network who know of the principles of faith and the traditions of the Hungarian Reformed Church, they can represent them authentically and as members of the Reformed Church they are ready and willing to serve the Hungarian Reformed Church with their professional knowledge. Our University as a higher education institution recognized by the state carries out its educational work as part of the Hungarian higher education system with maintaining its denominational specifics. It accomplishes higher education vocational trainings, bachelor’s degree programmes, master’s degree programmes, undivided training programmes, PhD training, as well as further training activities. It enforces the rules of state law in its training programmes, the instructions of the Hungarian Reformed Church as well as the regulations of the Hungarian Accreditation Committee. Our University accomplishes scientific research work and artistic creative work in scientific fields corresponding to the training fields and maintains a Doctoral School in the scientific field of religion. It respects research freedom while still insists professional authenticity and reliability. Besides its commitment to being reformed our university has been at the service of the Hungarian nation and the whole ecumenical Christian Church, it is ready continuously for ecumenical discussion with Christian denominations, for maintaining professional cooperation with their higher education institutes. It is also ready to continue dialogues with the non-Christian world religions and with ideologies, and to practice fraternal fellowship with them. It guards, cares and further enriches the traditions of the Debrecen Reformed College. The university outgrown the College while has the ambitions for comprehensive cooperation with the University of Debrecen. This mission statement was discussed and accepted by the Senate of the Debrecen Reformed Theological University with its decree No. 92/2014-15 in its regular meeting on 16th June 2015. The Mission Statement is coming into force on the date of its acceptance.