Department of New Testament Studies

The Department of New Testament Studies considers the teaching of New Testament and history of the age its task that on the one hand, directly associated with the person of Jesus and his apostles, the New Testament texts, New Testament theology, the Apostolic Church and those topics that are related to the life of the early Church in any way. On the other hand, the department also deals with indirect relations that may have influenced significantly the history and the theology of the New Testament Church. Apart from focusing on various theological topics the New Testament eschatology and apocalyptic issues are studied more specifically analysing their multiple relationships in New Testament documents, the Jewish apocalyptic writings and in the Greek-Roman religion as can be traced in ancient Greek grave inscriptions as well. Among others this is why the Patmos Research Institute was founded besides the Department of New Testament Studies focusing mostly on eschatological texts, apocalyptic features and epitaphs. It has become regular that an annual conference is organized for graduate and postgraduate students researching in the course of Patmos seminar. The conference is entitled “The ancient Christian world” the results of which are published in a volume in the Patmos Library series. Papers and publications of other Hungarian or foreign authors that meet the aims of Patmos are also published in this series. Out of the topics of Patmos seminars several basic work and theses there made and written the topics of which were further studied by the students utilizing the already acquired knowledge and research methods. In the education system the Department follows the standard requirements of the courses and subjects as usual in theology. Offered courses deal with New Testament exegesis in 3 cycles (historical, documents of Paul and documents not of Paul). Other interesting courses are also offered like post-mortal anthropology, New Testament afterlife faith, apostles and emperors, Roman law and gospel, preaching the gospel in the Roman empire, New Testament ethics, Jesus portray of Paul apostle, New Testament commentary of Calvin, etc. to meet the interest and training requirements of students. These courses and topics provide opportunities for students in non-religious trainings as well. The Department of New Testament Studies has good relationships with the colleagues of other Hungarian and Foreign universities with whom joint research programmes are carried out and take part in other scientific cooperation (PhD training, guest lectures, joint publications, etc.). Regarding this the cooperation between our Department and the Department of New Testament Studies of the Faculty of Theology of the University of Zürich is very important.

Dr. Peres Imre

Head of Departnent, Professor

peres [dot] theoluni [at] drhe [dot] hu Room: II/207

Telephone number: 18535

Teaching staff: Balog Margit lektor