Department of Practical Theology

The work of the Department of Practical Theology focuses primarily on the practical fields of minister, religion teacher services. We also deal with the formal and contextual issues of preaching, the liturgy of church service, the theoretical fields and methods of counselling and the methodology of teaching religion. Related to these currently 19 courses are taught by the colleagues of the department (e.g. homiletics, liturgy, poimenics, catechetics, practical Bible exegesis, development of oral competence, religious socialization, religious psychology, child welfare, dormitory education and counselling, religion pedagogy, education theory, rhetoric, methodology of catechetics and religion pedagogy). Apart from compulsory courses, optional courses are also given in every year like creative catechesis and arts in catechesis. The department is responsible for the courses of the practice year of level six students specialized in minister training. Study consultancies and the arrangement of exam services in the assessment of which colleagues of other departments are also involved are organized by our department. Practical preparation of religion teachers has been helped by the Centre of Catechetics since 1992. The centre is at the service of not only the students of the Debrecen Reformed Theological University with its book collection, lecture notes and courses but welcomes all interested professionals in its regularly announced professional scientific workshops. Accredited further training for teachers is also offered entitled “Puppet and drama in teaching religion”. Head of Centre of Catechetics is: Kustárné almási Zsuzsanna Scientific research related to various concerns of church service – liturgy, homiletics, hymnology – are helped by the Liturgy Research Centre, the head of which is: Dr. Fekete Károly.

Dr. Bodó Sára

Head of Department, Associate Professor

bodos [at] drhe [dot] hu Room: II/210 Telephone number: 18528

Teaching staff:  Dr. Fekete Károly, Dr. Hodossi Sándor, Kiss Klára