Department of Foreign Languages

The Department of Foreign Languages provides foreign language education for students in all trainings at the university by teaching English and German. As part of the BSc training the department teaches pedagogy professional language over six-six semesters in primary school teacher training for 12 credits. Regarding religious trainings theological professional language and professional translation is taught for 12 credits. Regarding primary school teacher training in specializations the department offers two specializations for 23 credits each. Courses of the English and German specialization are the following: English/German grammar, English/German written literature, methodology of teaching English/German, English/German children literature and English/German culture. In the training of students methodological training is emphasized together with teaching practice at primary school. With their degree the primary school English/German teachers are authorized to teach English/German language for pupils in grades 1-6 in primary school and their degree equals the state accredited proficiency language exam. Professional cooperation is maintained by the Department of Foreign Languages with Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Croatian, Irish, Latvian, German, Austrian, Portuguese and Romanian partner institutes, teachers and students are regularly exchanged. Colleagues of the Department of Foreign Languages regularly publish papers in their own research fields (literature and culture science, grammar science, methodology of teaching English and German, education science and human anthropology, German history, press history) and carry out talent management supporting their students in student research work. The department organises foreign language pronunciation competition every year.


Dr. Csillag Andrea

Head of Department, College Associate Professor

csillag [dot] andrea [at] drhe [dot] hu Room: I/133 Telephone number: 18503

Teaching staff: Dr. Eged Alice, Dr. habil Gaál-Szabó Péter, Kőszeghy Attila, Szirmai Erika