Department of Art and Visual Education

In our case conscious artistic, creative seeking ways and solutions are emphasized while traditional and more recent contemporary artifacts can be known together with essential issues related to the art pedagogy hidden in them and their effects on the society. Such experience is used in individual and collective mostly practical exercises and experiments from traditional drawing via painting to creative production of objects. However, we would like to make it realized that the more recent possibilities of applied arts related to electronic-digital techniques already integrated into pedagogy in the 21st century. With multiple approach we give an overview of arts history, the issues of visual communication are analysed, the relationship between everyday visuality and the acceptance of visual arts, the mechanism of their effects, the development of the imagery of children including the practice of analysing children’s drawing are discussed. BSc training is continuous over five semesters in our department. In the first three semesters, basic drawing, painting and graphics courses while in the fourth and fifth semesters the methods of teaching drawing represent the curriculum. At the end of the fifth semester the BSc training is closed with a colloquium synthesising the theoretical and practical knowledge of the previous semesters. Drawing specialization is an optional group of courses representing a training composed of four semesters. Apart from high level drawing and painting courses and programmes developing creativity the aim is the theoretical and practical founding of high level teaching of drawing. In the course of the specialization training participants prove their knowledge in colloquiums and comprehensive examination. The obtained degree entitles students to teach drawing for grade 5 and 6 pupils as well.

Dr. Erdődy József Attila

Head of Department, College Associate Professor

erdodi [dot] jozsef [at] drhe [dot] hu Room: I/126 Telephone number: 18525

Teaching staff: Fátyol Zoltán, Imreh Sándor