Department of Old Testament Studies

Primarily the Department of Old Testament Studies aims to introduce the students of the university to the Old Testament written in Hebrew and accepted by the universal Christian church as the organic and integral part of the Holy Scripture inspired by God with the help of scientific methods via the training of ministers, theologians and religion teachers.
As a result the tasks of the department include the teaching of the original languages of the Old Testament that helps further bible studies as basic courses. Learning the teaching methods of Old Testament exegesis, the introductory lecture series discussing the issues of the structure, content, writing and theology of Old Testament Books and document groups together with Old Testament exegesis are all based on the above. Special topics are offered by the department in the form of seminars. Such seminars also accommodate individual or group discussions and analyses of the most focused topics of research. Mentoring and supervising individual student research are realized in the course of writing the basic work and the thesis and also at the graduate and postgraduate levels of talent management. Professional preparation of students is helped by the department also by compiling and publishing lecture notes.
Besides the department an Old Testament Research Institute is also operated that is focused primarily on analysing the features of prophetism and the prophetic documents of the Old Testament. Apart from collecting literature related to this topic the institute recognises the literature of other Old Testament topics as well and its library is extended corresponding with the actual research topics of the colleagues and PhD students of the department. The institute edits a book series entitled “Study Notes of the Department of Old Testament Studies of the Debrecen Reformed Theological University. Apart from editing publications and regularly publishing the scientific results the department and the institute contribute to national and international scientific discussions by organizing conferences and building professional relationships, cooperation.

Dr. Kustár Zoltán

Dead of Department

kustar [dot] zoltan [at] drhe [dot] hu Romm: II/206 Telephone number: 18550

Teaching staff: Dr. Németh Áron