Summer camp in Szarvas

WATERSIDE CAMP OF THE DEBRECEN REFORMED THEOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY The camp is placed in a beautiful environment in the nature protection area of Erzsébet Grove besides the Holt-Körös enclosed by an own 40 m wide shoreline. The area is ideal since it is located in the centre of a Gallery forest in which several well-kept paths, clearings and animals (red squirrel, rabbit, birds) and special plants (bald-cypress) can be found. Botanic skills could be improved in the nationally renowned Szarvas Arboretum. The site with its kayak and canoe park and friendly water conditions (Holt-Körös, the fifth largest lake in Hungary) is ideal for practicing different water sport equipment, water trips and swimming depending on the time of the year. Another programme offering unforgettable experience could be a cruise by the boat Katalin II. that could be ordered after sunset as well. Type of accommodation: chalet and stone house with bunk beds. Further detailed information, programme possibilities, available dates can be asked: meta1020 [at] freemail [dot] hu. Administration related to booking accommodation: