Doctoral Students’ Union

The Doctoral Student’s Union is the student representation of the Doctoral School of the Debrecen Reformed Theological University. The purpose of its operation is to keep contact with the leadership of both the Doctoral School and the University with which the work and education of PhD students are supported. Cooperating with the Student’s Union the PhD students take part in the life of the students of the DRTU. Apart from these, it takes a significant role in organising and arranging various own or joint scientific conferences with the University of Debrecen aspiring PhD and undergraduate students of DRTU to get acquainted with the actualities of the various fields of scientific research. Not for the least it provides possibilities for PhD students to meet regularly. We welcome any further interest from anyone regarding our work.

Lucski Márta

President of DSU

doktorandusz [at] drhe [dot] hu

Room: I/110

Telephone number: 18670

Repelik Gábor

Vice-president of DSU

doktorandusz [at] drhe [dot] hu

Room: I/107

Telephone number: 18575