Department of Physical Education

With the introduction of everyday physical education the primary aim of the Department of Physical Education is to give professional knowledge at the highest possible level. At BSc level this is realized by the education of not only compulsory (physical education and subject-pedagogy, adapted physical education, swimming) but optional courses adjusted to the general curriculum as well. Specialization training is also available for students and taking this training they become entitled to teach physical education course in grades 5 and 6 in the primary school. Future teachers learn anatomy and physiological competences required to analyse and understand movements apart from the basic sports (athletics, gymnastics, swimming) and sport games (football, volleyball, handball, basketball). It is also possible to carry out scientific research in the fields of physical education and sport (healthy lifestyle, attitude of teachers and topics related to 7-12 years old pupils). In order to establish high level professional work and education the department plans to build national and international relationships in the near future. The other aim is to inspire university students to move via local championships and common sporting possibilities. An important programme of the department is the organization of the evening of specialized students with which the semester is closed by teacher-student matches and cooking together.

Dr. Pinczés Tamás

Head of Department, Senior Lecturer

pinczes [dot] tamas [at] drhe [dot] hu Room: II/232 Telephone number: 18506

Teaching staff: Kovácsné Laurinyecz Julianna, Tóth Csaba