Institute data

The Debrecen Reformed Theological University as a higher education institute of the Hungarian Reformed Church is an independent legal entity. Its maintainer board is the Tiszántúl Reformed Church District. The name of the institute was approved by the parliament in the modification of act LXXX of 1993 on higher education accepted on 3rd July 1996. DRTU received its university level in decree 30/1990. III. 21/OGY of the Hungarian Parliament made on the basis of § 5 of act XXIII of 1990. This decree gives the DRTU the rights and obligations associated with being a university and this was enforced by acts LXXX and CXXXIX of 1993 and 2005 respectively (on higher education, Ftv henceforward). The university autonomy – based on the general standpoints listed in the preamble – is practices by providing the appropriate organizational, educational, research, management and personal conditions. Name of the university: Debreceni Református Hittudományi Egyetem (DRHE). Name of the university in German: Reformierte Theologische Universität Debrecen. Name of the university in English: Debrecen Reformed Theological University. Name of the university in Latin: Universitas Scienciarum Rerum Divinarum Helveticae Confessionis Debrecinensis. Permanent centre of the university: Debrecen, address: 4026 Debrecen, Kálvin tér 16. Year of foundation of the university: 1538. Badges of the university: round rubber stamp: the motive the sheep with a flag standing on the Old and the New Testaments under a palm tree taken from the Hungarian Reformed Church in the centre encircled by the name of the university. Dry stamp and the coat of arms: the sheep with a flag motive in a stylized shield in the centre, seven stars and the scriptum YHWH in Hebrew writing without pointing and the year of the founding of the College: 1538 and its motto: Orando et laborando is found under the shield, encircled by the name of the university. Further badges of the institute: rector’s and pro-rector’s chain, gerund with a cock, teacher’s gown and toga for the students. Legal supervision is performed by the minister responsible for education while the administrative authority is fulfilled by the Tiszántúl Reformed Church District as the President according to the church and state law in force.