Department of Social Ethics and Sociology of Churches

The tasks of the department include, on the one hand, the scientific description of theological ethics, the research of theoretical and applied ethics, the presentation of social ethics and the topics of sectoral ethics, on the other hand, the study of the general religion sociology image of the European and Hungarian society and the study of the social determination of the Church. Apart from these the development of the ethic competence of students and the establishment of individual moral decision making are considered highly important. Accordingly the department provides the teaching of courses in the subject for students in both religious and non-religious training programmes and also in PhD training. Modernizing of the curricula and the development of ethical competencies are ensured by the department with studying the relationship between the Church and the society, theological reflectance of social ethical issues, performing and theologically assessing religion and Church sociological and occupation sociological studies. Besides the department the Social Ethics Research Centre is operated the tasks of which include the research of the significant issues of ethics and social ethics, collection and provision of special professional literature for researchers, coordinating research projects, preparation and formulation of actual social ethical standpoints for the public church, organisation of conferences, editing publications and maintaining relationships and professional cooperation with national and international ethics research institutes and professional forums. Via the wide range of national and international connections of the colleagues of the institute the department and the research institute are effective participants of the preparation of ecumenic ethical declarations, also of international research projects and the editing of various publications. Regarding current research projects, achieved results and actual ethical reflections the joint homepage of the department and the research institute ( provides up-to-date information for students and anyone interested.

Dr. Fazakas Sándor

Head of Department, professor

fazakass [at] drhe [dot] hu Room: II/211 Telephone number: 18556

Teaching staff: Dr. Kovács Krisztián