Department of Church Music

Colleagues of the department take part in the work of both institutes of the university. Our primary task in the religious training programmes involves the teaching of church singing, children and youth signing, and education of harmonium and organ and guitar courses. Students of the Ferenc Kölcsey Teacher Training Institute are prepared on the basis of Kodály’s principles to be able to give singing lessons. In singing and music specialization training music pedagogy, music theory and choral conducting are taught to prepare students to realize choir teaching and everyday singing in a variable experience centred but still professional way. Most courses in the curriculum are in group teaching, however, instrumental courses (piano compulsory in singing specialization, optional guitar and harmonium courses) together with certain courses of singing and sound-formation are taught in individual teaching. The choir is open to all students of the university independent of their level of training. Theoretical and practical knowledge required for the leading of collective singing and regular choir work can be obtained here. From 2017 the department is involved in the programme making the university more international with the course entitled “Introduction To Teaching Solfeggio based on the Kodály Method”. Beyond teaching aims music services at university events, church services, conferences and celebrations give continuous tasks for the colleagues and students of the department. All teachers at the department are active musicians, they regularly perform as choir leaders or instrumental artists at both church and secular events, at national and international organisations. Our publications, lectures, papers appear from time to time in the proceedings of music pedagogy conferences and in music professional press.

Dr. Kiss Csaba Márton

Head of Department, College Associate Professor

kiss [dot] csaba [at] drhe [dot] hu Room: I/134 Telephone number: 18543

Teaching staff: Kedvesné dr. Herczegh Mária, Dr. Arany János, Szabóné Fodor Adrienne, Bodóné Kiss Szabina, Dr. Kovács Krisztián, Kovács Csilla, Magyar Gábor, Sárosi Dániel, Tonhaizerné dr. Vojevogyina Olga